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Professional Orlando Lawn Care

At Drake Lawn & Pest, our Orlando lawn care service comprises many elements with the most important being our highly trained lawn technicians. The most expensive products in the world cannot replace quality craftsmanship and we do not believe in generic mixing of pesticides.

Taking care of your lawn involves weed control. Without it, your lawn turns into a weed infested area that can be difficult and expensive to take care of. Not only are weeds less aesthetic to look at, they are also unhealthy for the lawn that remains and can harm your grass.

One of the top methods of lawn care is weed control and for good reason. Weeds take over an area quickly and aggressively. Invasive species can sneak into your lawn without warning, but by taking action quickly, you can protect your lawn.

There are many species of invasive weeds in Orlando FL. Taking care of the issue in a safe, healthy way can be challenging which is why it’s better to bring in lawn care professionals. Lawn service experts have the right knowledge and methods for getting rid of weeds without harming your grass.

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Lawn Services Includes:

  • Granular fertilizer applied 2 times per year
  • Additional treatments are no charge
  • Fungus and disease control
  • Insect control against all lawn damaging insects
  • Essential minor elements for color enhancement
  • Fire ant and flea control
  • Blow off all sidewalks and driveway
  • Weed control for all treatable weeds

Lawn & Shrub Replacement Guarantee

If your lawn or shrubs die due to insects while under our care, we will replace them with a plant of equal or better value. Guaranteed.

*Ask Your Technician For Details

Why Lawn Weed Control in Orlando FL is Important

Everyone knows that taking action against weeds is important in keeping your lawn healthy. However, there is more than just one reason to invest in quality weed control. Here are some of the top reasons why weed control is important.

1. Weeds Are Unsightly

You want your lawn to look good and having weeds does just the opposite. The more weeds there are in your lawn, the more unsightly it will look. Weeds can also make your remaining grass look ugly by causing health problems and drying out the healthy areas.

2. Time-Consuming Correction

If weeds get out of control, it can take a lot of time and money to fix it. The larger the area of weeds in your lawn, the more time and energy you’ll have to put into removing them. By keeping on top of them and regularly doing weed control, you’ll keep a handle on a potentially uncontrollable situation.

3. Longer Lasting Control

When professionals are called to take care of the weeds in your lawn, the effects often last longer than when homeowners do it themselves. With the right tools and weed control products, professionals can take care of future problems before they even arise and make it more difficult for weeds to return. This results in a more effective and long-lasting weed control project.

Pre-Emergent and Post-Emergent Weed Control

There are two different types of weed control: pre-emergent and post-emergent.

To take care of weeds before they germinate and become visible, pre-emergent weed control is used.

For controlling weeds after they germinate and are visible in your lawn, post-emergent weed control is used.

Both types are important in keeping weeds under control and most professional lawn services will offer both.

For each type of weed control, there are different times of the year where it’s recommended you apply them. When using pre-emergent weed control, the University of Florida recommends the herbicides are applied before February 1 in southern Florida, before February 15 in central Florida, and before March 15 for northern Florida. In general, you want to apply the pre-emergence herbicide when daytime temperatures have reached 65-70 degrees.

When applying post-emergence herbicides and weed control, it’s better to spray directly on the weed while it is still young. Post-emergent weed control is what most homeowners are familiar with and are fairly easy to find in general stores, but hiring a professional ensures the herbicides are applied safely and in a more efficient manner.

For the best results and to ensure the most effective weed control, hiring a professional service is best. Many Orlando lawn care services will use both types of weed control and apply them in an environmentally safe way that won’t hurt your grass. Only the most at-risk or critical areas will see the herbicides and you can rest assured that your lawn is getting the best care possible.

Your Lawn Is Unique

We understand that every Central Florida lawn is different. And must be treated as such. Our granular fertilizers and liquid applications are custom blended to meet the demands of your property at the time of service.

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Details Matter

More About Lawn Care Orlando

Our skilled, professional technicians are well trained and great at their job. We believe in quality over quantity or price tag. We also do not believe in the mixing of generic pesticides, which means we treat your yard better. With our experts on the job and the comfort of knowing your grass is well taken care of, we will make sure you rest easy and are satisfied with your results.

About Our Tree & Shrub Care

Our yard technicians are also just as skilled in trees and shrubbery as they are in yard service. Your shrubs and trees will flourish with our expert knowledge and careful maintenance. We will provide your tree or shrub with exactly what it needs, based on our Custom Blended Application. We know how to help trees and shrubs thrive.


Lawn Service Includes:

We offer many services for yard care, including all of the following:

  • Granular fertilizer treatment applied twice annually
  • Minor treatments for color enhancement, additional treatments at no charge
  • Fire ant and flea control
  • Fungus and disease control
  • Blowing off all sidewalks and driveways
  • Insect control against any grass or plant damaging insects
  • Weed control for all treatable weeds`

We know exactly what your yard needs, and we have the skills and services to take care of it.

Shrub & Lawn Replacement Guarantee

We understand that trusting someone to take care of your yard can feel risky, and you care deeply for your plants. While we pride ourselves on diligent service, should anything happen while we are caring for one of your plants, such as infestation, we will replace it with a plant of equal or better value. We want you to be happy, so that is our guarantee.

Your Lawn Is Unique

No two yards are exactly alike. Even different sections of one grassy area to the next have their own needs to be tended. We understand that every Central Florida yard is unique and needs its own special care, and we know how to do it. Every granular fertilizer we use, and any liquid applications, are specifically blended to be ideal for your yard at the time of service.

Lawn Weed Control FAQ

To help answer some questions and ease up your doubts, here are some of the most commonly asked questions about professional weed control.

Q. Why Are So Many Applications Needed?
The biggest reason is because most weed control services actually focus on weed prevention. If we can prevent weeds from arising and becoming a problem in the first place, you won’t ever have to see your lawn in an unsightly and uncontrollable state.

With this type of approach in mind, it takes multiple applications in order to stay ahead of the weeds. Not every application is a pre-emergent herbicide though. Many times, weed control also involves fertilizing the healthy grass to keep it stronger and able to fight out potential weeds.

Of course, we will also ensure there is pre-emergent herbicide present so weeds aren’t as easily able to grow.

Q. How Can I Prevent Weeds?
Aside from regular weed control and herbicide application, there are a few ways you can further help prevent weeds from growing in your lawn.

Lawn mowing often can discourage weeds. This will make your lawn thicker, but it will also work to prevent weeds. Make sure never to remove more than ⅓ of the grass length in one swoop, but with regular lawn mowing, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Watering often and regularly can also prevent weed growth. Two separate watering days should provide sufficient water to keep your grass healthy and keep weeds away.

Q. What Types of Weeds are Most Common?
It depends on where you live of course, but there are some weeds that are common no matter where in Florida you are. The weeds you fight will either be broadleaf weeds that tend to grow around cooler temperatures or grassy weeds that like warmer temps.

As professionals, we know how to use different herbicides for fighting the different weed types. Because post-emergent herbicides can only be applied to weeds in certain temps, it’s important to hire a professional lawn care provider. In order to ensure the most effective application of herbicides and to make sure the right herbicides are used on the right type of weed, hiring a professional is the best course of action.

Why Hire an Orlando FL Lawn Care Company?

At Drake Lawn & Pest Control, we know how to take care of your yard, no matter the needs. Everything is custom suited for your lawn and yours alone, and we treat every yard with the utmost care. The founders, Brandon Hill and Jerry Tucker, have decades worth of experience in the Orlando area.

We are continually learning, evolving with the times, and striving to provide the best possible service for our customers – and we will continue to do so.

Hiring a professional lawn care service may not be something you necessarily want to do. After all, you might feel that weed control seems like something easy enough you can take care of free of charge and without involving a professional company.

However, hiring professional Orlando lawn care services will benefit both you and your lawn in a variety of ways.

1. Save Time

Taking care of your lawn, especially when it has a weed problem, can be time consuming and difficult. With a full time job or a family, lawn care may not always be at the front of your mind and that’s okay.

With a professional lawn service, you’ll save valuable time in your day. While you focus on doing your job and spending time with your family, let the professionals focus on your lawn and get your lawn sorted out in the right manner.

2. Expert Advice and Care

As professional lawn carers, we are experts in our field. We can give you advice based on experience and expertise in a way no one else can. By hiring professional lawn care, you’ll benefit from professional experience and your lawn will flourish under our expert hands.

Applying herbicides can be a bit confusing, but with a professional service, you don’t have to worry about it. Expert lawn carers know how to safely apply herbicides in a timely manner that won’t accidentally harm your lawn or fragile plants.

3. Year-Round Care

We offer lawn maintenance all year-round. You can work with us for both weed control, fertilization, and any other lawn care needs you have.