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Drake Lawn & Pest Control was created by Brandon Hill and Jerry Tucker. These individuals have almost 50 years of combined experience in the Pest Control Industry. They have personally performed all duties necessary. They attribute their achievements to living by these simple rules:

Brandon Williams

Beginning as a lawn technician in 2007, I’ve been with Drake Lawn and Pest Control for 15 years. I enjoy empowering others to grow and succeed. Outside of work, I enjoy camping and traveling with my beautiful wife and 2 children!

Lawn and Ornamental, Pest Control, Termite

Vanessa Testa
I started my career with the Drake family over 15 years ago. Over the past decade, Drake has molded me into a team leader. Those skills have also enabled me to become a great mother to my son.

CPO, Lawn & Ornamental, GHP & Rodent

David Eatherly
I was born and raised in Florida. I have been with Drake since 2015. I really enjoy helping people, problem solving, and being outdoors

Lawn and Ornamental, Aquatic, and Right A Way

Brenda Jones
After 30+ years in the lawn and pest control industry, in almost every role, I’ve learned I have a real passion for growth. Growth that comes from hard work with integrity. You will always find me assisting in any way I can to achieve this kind of growth whether it be for an individual or the company. In my off time, I really enjoy being outdoors running, kayaking, and camping with my husband and pups.

CPO License in Lawn & Ornamental, Pest, Termite

Cody Griffin
With 27 years of experience in the field, I’ve spent the last 9 years at Drake Pest Control, a company I’m passionate about. I’ve also worked at Sears Termite Pest Control, Middleton, and Heron. I’m a family man with a wife and three kids. In my free time, I enjoy watching football, spending time with friends, and exploring new places. I’m excited to meet all of you wonderful people and provide the best pest service possible.


Felipe Itturalde
I was born in Ecuador and I’ve been with Drake doing pest control for 11 years. I like playing sports, especially soccer. I speak Spanish and enjoy spending time with my son.


James Pullin
I have been in the Industry for 14 years. I really enjoy meeting new people and helping them get their pest, and lawn issues solved. When I am not spending time with my wife and 2 kids, I can be found on the lake fishing!

CPO is Lawn & Ornamental, Termite, and GHP/Rodents.

Brian Calvert
I have been in the pest control business for 34 years. I am a certified operator in pest control, termite, lawn, and fumigation. I love meeting new people and solving lawn and pest control issues.

CPO, Lawn, Termite, Pest Control, Fumigation


Elvis Gomez
I was born in the Dominican Republic and raised in the state of Maryland. I have been in the pest control industry since 2013, where I have learned and acquired knowledge in general household pests, termites and wildlife. I enjoy helping people, solving problems and being outdoors. I am a very family oriented person and I appreciate the small things that life provides.


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