Termites, a well known pest problem, cause very costly damage. These insects build their homes in the soil around or beneath homes, and tend to enter via wood that is touching the ground. They build mud tubes through the dirt to get to their wood destination, but can also enter through cracks in concrete walls or foundations that are made of hollow blocks.

Out of the three types of termites most commonly identified, subterranean termites are the most common. Overall, they can cause nearly billions in damage to structures every year. In addition to wood, they consume paper products like books, and plant based products as well as cellulose based products. In this guide we’ll let you in on some subterranean termite control tips!

Evidence of Subterranean Termites

As there may be more than a single female who can lay eggs, the nests of these termites can grow rather quickly, containing hundreds or even thousands of termites. Infestations, particularly those that begin underground, can be hard to detect, so both responding to early warning signs or even pretreatment are best practices.

The mud tubes discussed above, damaged wood, or the presence of winged swarmers indicate that you could be dealing with a subterranean termite problem, and need termite control Orlando, or termite control Florida. The creatures aren’t very specific to states they can call home, and have been sighted throughout the States, but are scarcer in colder areas. Most commonly, these termites will be found in the warmer more southern states, such as those in the belt between Florida and California, as the humid and warm conditions make for cozy living.

How Can Drake Lawn & Pest Control Help?

Treatment of subterranean termites can happen when you’ve discovered an infestation by the warning signs discussed above, or if you think you may be at risk. Reliable termite control in Florida from a leader in the industry is the way to go. Proven treatments based on how the home was constructed and with what materials are used to customize treatment for every case.

From liquid treatments to bait treatments, as well as combinations of the two, we strive to provide a solution for every subterranean termite case. A liquid treatment can help deter the termites immediately while also providing protection from future infestations. They can be applied outdoors, indoors and even inside the home’s foundation to provide a protected area around the customer’s home. Liquid treatments can also be directly injected into wood that is housing termite infestations. When utilizing bait, stations for monitoring activity of termites are placed in strategic locations, and then replaced with bait once the activity level has been identified. The bait is ingested by the termites who venture to that location, and then shared among the colony, which helps to establish termite control and reduce numbers.

When these two methods are combined, it can provide very successful results. In addition, ongoing inspections and re-treatment options are provided to ensure you can enjoy a termite free home. Request a free inspection today from us at Drake Lawn & Pest Control to help protect your home against subterranean termites, and the damage they can cause.