Termites may be beneficial to the ecology—but not directly helpful to human beings and our houses. The problem of termites in Florida is quite prevalent, and thus the need to have effective pest control in Orlando. However, before delving into how to deal with these pests, it’s essential to understand the threats that they pose to your house.

Threats posed by termites

Structural Damage

Termites will eat through any wood that they find. If this wood happens to be a part of your house, then you are in for a rude shock. Termites will do as much damage as they can if they are not stopped in good time. If you delay in taking action, by the time you do so, your structure could be damaged extensively. This situation will then lead to a much higher price tag to restore the structure.

How to Prevent the Termite menace

Termite control in Orlando is essential for residents living in this area. The moisture content in most of the Florida soil acts an attractive element for termites. However, this menace can be prevented; read on to learn how.

Clearing bushes from around the foundation

Bushes around the house attract termites; they come to feed on the twigs and roots. Once the termites are done feeding on the plants, though, they are likely to cross over and start to do the same on the foundation of the house. It is therefore critical to always cut down the bushes closest to your home.

Keep mulch far from the house

Mulch happens to be one of the best environments for termites. Within the mulch, termites have access to both moisture and wood on which they can feed. These factors see them thrive quickly and increase in numbers until they have depleted the mulch. And should this mulch be close to your house, that structure will be the next. Therefore, keep your mulch a reasonable distance away from your home.

Hire Orlando pest control services

Professional pest control services in Orlando will do an impressive job at helping you deal with any termite menace in your home. Additionally, a company such as this will also help you restore your house should it be damaged by the termites.

Get rid of termites now

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