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Termites are very destructive pests, subterranean and drywood termites cause millions of dollars worth of damage in the US alone each year. It’s easy to take a pest problem lightly, but these creeping insects can cause major structural damage to a property in just six months, and even destroy a home in just two years. Termites feed on cellulose, which is the most abundant organic compound in the world. This means that termites can devour the wooden structures of buildings as well as furniture, money, and even clothes.

Termites can quickly become a financial burden, avoid an issue altogether by using these prevention tips to help reduce the risk of termites invading your home.

  1. Identify and repair any water leaks in and around your home

Termites sometimes come into a home in search of a water source. Eliminating any available water will cause them to search elsewhere. Make sure there is no standing water close to the foundation of your home. 

  1. Seal all potential pest access points

Proper sealing of openings on the outside of your home can help restrict the access to your home by termites. Seal any holes, cracks, and crevices in places such as your foundation, footers, between siding boards and window frames.

  1. Do not leave firewood stacked against your house

Don’t offer termites an appetizer and an easy access point into your home. Scrap wood touching the ground is an open invitation to hungry termites. Move any firewood at least 20 feet away from your house or consider purchasing a stand that keeps wood off the ground. 

  1. Use termite-resistant wood for any wooden structures that touch the ground

Unprotected wood used for outdoor decks or landscaping is vulnerable to damage by termites. Over 90% of all termite infestations start from wood-soil contact. Try to keep an 18-inch gap between the ground and your home’s wood structures or use termite-resistant wood types.

  1. Regularly have your home inspected for termite damage

A yearly termite inspection can save you money and your home with early detection. They might even find something that your own termite-prevention measures missed.

Whether they are subterranean termites or drywood termites these preventative tips can help keep termites away from your home and avoid the costly damage they cause. If you think you already have a termite infestation in Central Florida and need an immediate solution, contact our Drake Pest Professionals at 1-866-498-DUCK.