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Orlando Bat Removal

Bats are North American natives that are generally found in rural, urban, and suburban areas. They live anywhere from trees, caves and rock crevices to old buildings and bridges.

There are a few reasons why you might be finding bats in and around your home. If they have begun roosting in your attic or an outbuilding, this is likely because they have discovered that your home or property is a fertile food source.

Bats are nocturnal mammals, which means they roost during the day and go out to hunt and forage at night. Typically the kinds of bats that you will find around your home are the little brown bat or the big brown bat. These two species are between 3 inches to 4.5 inches. Their wingspans can range from 10 inches to 13 inches across.

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Bats can be attracted to your home when they locate small cracks and gaps on the exterior of your home by sensing air and temperature changes. They could be living in your attic for years until you notice the odor from their droppings. Some signs that you may have a bat infestation include bat droppings, called guano, which can cause health problems for humans and can attract insects into your home.

It is possible to find them roosting in large colonies inside of attics. Bats aren’t considered dangerous creatures, but they can make a lot of noise and create quite the mess. The chirping noise that bats make can be particularly aggravating if they’ve gathered in a large group.

You should never attempt to remove bats on your own. Our trained technicians will work to remove these creatures and restore peace to your home. If you’ve encountered a bat or signs of a bat around your home, please contact us for wildlife removal services.


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A thorough inspection is vital in determining the type of intruder, areas of vulnerability and the implementation of a solution to your problem.

Your technician will document his findings and then review with you the treatment plan to safely and humanely remove any intruders from your home, your property and how to keep them from coming back.

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Now that we have an understanding of your situation, the solution may include the actual removal of animals. These methods may include traditional traps and baits.

Whenever possible Drake Lawn & Pest Control chooses to set live traps and relocate the animal in a safe and designated area.

Wildlife Control Guaranteed Protection

Drake guarantees to provide any additional necessary re-treatments, should your problems persist, for up to one full year, when Exclusion work has been performed.

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In conjunction with the removal of any unwanted intruders your technician will work with you to keep them from coming back. Exclusion work would include things like patching, sealing and securing entry points. Every home and situation is different so a custom plan will be performed which will best suit your home and property.

  • Gaps and holes in roofing, fascia, soffits, and outer walls
  • Roof returns and plumbing vents
  • Pipe openings and foundation grates
  • Crawl space and garage door openings

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