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Orlando Skunk Removal

The skunk is a member of the weasel family. The Striped Skunk weighs between 4 to 10 pounds and can be anywhere between 24 to 30 inches long. They are easily recognizable with their black and white coloring. They usually only like about 2 to 4 years and are typically on their own after their first year. Skunks are generally nocturnal animals and like to forage at night for plant and animal matter. They sleep during the day and tend to not be very active during the winters. Skunks have sharp claws on the front feet used for digging insects and worms.

Skunks are famous for their defensive tactic, which involves spraying a highly odiferous liquid when threatened. This odor is one of the biggest concerns that skunks bring about and the main reason you’ll want to get rid of them.

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They will often make shelter under sheds, decks and porches, marking these areas with their scent. During cold winter months, several skunks will gather and share the same den. It is also important to keep watch during the months of January to March, as this is mating season for skunks.

They eat poultry, eggs, vegetables and fruit. Evidence of digging can be spotted as they spend their time searching for insect larvae. You may also find your sod rolled back and damaged by these creatures. Skunks can carry diseases such as leptospirosis, tularemia, Q-fever, canine hepatitis, canine distemper, and listeriosis. All of these diseases can be carried by skunks without significant or identifiable symptoms. They can carry ticks, fleas, lice, roundworm, tapeworm, and more, which can be harmful to your pets.

If you are experiencing any signs of a skunk infestation, please give us a call for wildlife removal services.


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A thorough inspection is vital in determining the type of intruder, areas of vulnerability and the implementation of a solution to your problem.

Your technician will document his findings and then review with you the treatment plan to safely and humanely remove any intruders from your home, your property and how to keep them from coming back.

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Now that we have an understanding of your situation, the solution may include the actual removal of animals. These methods may include traditional traps and baits.

Whenever possible Drake Lawn & Pest Control chooses to set live traps and relocate the animal in a safe and designated area.

Wildlife Control Guaranteed Protection

Drake guarantees to provide any additional necessary re-treatments, should your problems persist, for up to one full year, when Exclusion work has been performed.

*Ask Your Technician For Details


In conjunction with the removal of any unwanted intruders your technician will work with you to keep them from coming back. Exclusion work would include things like patching, sealing and securing entry points. Every home and situation is different so a custom plan will be performed which will best suit your home and property.

  • Gaps and holes in roofing, fascia, soffits, and outer walls
  • Roof returns and plumbing vents
  • Pipe openings and foundation grates
  • Crawl space and garage door openings

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