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Orlando Snake Removal

Snakes can be very potentially dangerous creatures. In our warm Central Florida climate, snakes can be very common. Orlando is home to many different species, including Rattlesnakes, Indigo snakes, Coachwhip snakes, Water snakes, Cottonmouths, Moccasins, Boa Constrictors, and Pythons. Poisonous or not, snakes can be very dangerous creatures.

Snakes generally enjoy natural habitats with grass and cover, particularly areas that receive a lot of sun. Snakes are also attracted to wood piles and shrubbery in your garden. They are mostly nocturnal creatures that like to hibernate during the winter and find a place to relax during the summer.

If you see signs of a snake infestation, you should not wait to contact us. The first and most obvious sign of an infestation would be the presence of snakeskin on your property.

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Out in the wild, running into a snakeskin is not out of the ordinary, but in your home, it is not a common occurrence.The presence of snake eggs can also be a sign of an infestation that you can run into generally in the summer and early fall months.

There is also something called the “flour test.” If you pour flour on the area where you think you may have an issue and later see what appears to be trails made by snakes, then you should contact us immediately. You may also see snake droppings, which resemble bird droppings. Lastly, snakes don’t tend to vocalize but you may hear scurrying or slithering when entering an otherwise unoccupied space, such as a storage shed.

If you are experiencing any of these signs, please give us a call for wildlife removal services.


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A thorough inspection is vital in determining the type of intruder, areas of vulnerability and the implementation of a solution to your problem.

Your technician will document his findings and then review with you the treatment plan to safely and humanely remove any intruders from your home, your property and how to keep them from coming back.

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Now that we have an understanding of your situation, the solution may include the actual removal of animals. These methods may include traditional traps and baits.

Whenever possible Drake Lawn & Pest Control chooses to set live traps and relocate the animal in a safe and designated area.

Wildlife Control Guaranteed Protection

Drake guarantees to provide any additional necessary re-treatments, should your problems persist, for up to one full year, when Exclusion work has been performed.

*Ask Your Technician For Details


In conjunction with the removal of any unwanted intruders your technician will work with you to keep them from coming back. Exclusion work would include things like patching, sealing and securing entry points. Every home and situation is different so a custom plan will be performed which will best suit your home and property.

  • Gaps and holes in roofing, fascia, soffits, and outer walls
  • Roof returns and plumbing vents
  • Pipe openings and foundation grates
  • Crawl space and garage door openings

Common Household Intruders