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Cockroaches are renowned pests that immediately give you an “Ew” vibe to any place. Whether you are at home or in a business the sight of a cockroach can be embarrassing and can potentially make any guest want to run the other way. At the first sight of a pest, consider immediate treatment.

Cockroaches specifically are also prone to carrying bacteria, disease, contaminating food, and causing allergies/asthma to those with weaker immune systems like children and the elderly. Don’t wait until these pests multiply and make your space their own.

There are two types of cockroaches most commonly found in Florida: The American Cockroach and the German Cockroach. Though both are different, they are still both a horrible sight when you’re making coffee and find one crawling next to your cup.

The American Cockroach

Commonly known to us as the palmetto bug or water bug. They typically reside in outdoors areas. They love living in humid and moist environments so Florida is already the perfect habitat, but you can specifically find them hiding in garbage bins, drains, sewage, sheds, and gardening supplies. These pests have a specific tan coloring that sets them apart. They are also much larger than German Cockroaches.

The German Cockroach

These pests are notoriously known for hiding in food prep areas like kitchens, cabinets, and trash bins. They reproduce much faster than most cockroaches and can produce up to 2,500 offspring in a month. Their notable physical characteristic is two dark stripes down their backs.

If you think you have seen either of these pests around your home contact a professional immediately to identify the problem and find the necessary treatment. Contact Drake Pest with any inquiries here or call us at 866-831-2601.