Ants. Spiders. Beetles. Termites. What do these creatures have in common? They are unwanted house guests for many homes and businesses. They are pests. In the world of pests and pest control, there is one creature that outranks them all.

Roaches as a species tend to be especially hated, and rightly so. Cockroaches are filthy, capable of incredibly fast reproduction, and have the ability to be seemingly impossible to kill. Of the many species of roaches that might invade your home or business, the German Cockroach is the worst roach you can encounter. It is identified by two dark, parallel strips that run from head to wings and is typically smaller than other roaches, coming in at under half an inch in most cases.

So, What Makes German Roaches Stand Out?

For one thing, the German Cockroach will reproduce faster than other types. While other roaches take twelve months to reach adulthood, German roaches make it there in three. This means you have less time to exterminate them before they bring the family along. Plus, one female roach can lay up to thirty eggs at a time. The roach can lay about five batches of eggs in a cycle, taking the potential up to 150 newborn roaches to infest your home. The eggs take about a month to hatch, meaning you may have less time than you think to address this issue.

At the first sign of roaches or their eggs in your home, call a pest exterminator immediately. For German Cockroaches pest control in Orlando, contact Drake Lawn & Pest Control as soon as possible!

Where You’ll Find German Cockroaches

German roaches also prefer the great indoors. They find their way in through outside sources. That great deal you scored at a garage sale or flea market? There’s a chance it is unknowingly housing a roach population. Got a pile of cardboard boxes from your online shopping addiction? Also a great place for them to set up camp. Untidy homes and lack of cleanliness brings them in as well. If you leave those dishes in the sink for too long, you are basically setting up a buffet for German roaches. German roaches are not picky and will eat anything, from food to fecal matter to dead skin to plants.

German roaches have sticky pads on their feet, allowing them to climb on smooth surfaces, like your cabinets and kitchen appliances. Not all roaches have this ability, so it opens up the possibilities in terms of infiltration in your home.

Health Hazards

Beyond the creep factor, German cockroaches can also carry salmonella, dysentery, and gastroenteritis. Roaches can also trigger allergic reactions, especially for people with asthma. The fecal matter and decaying exoskeletons produce these allergens, on top of assisting in the spread of bacteria. Their presence can mean a detriment to your health. If you think you have an infestation, you should take action.

Act Now

Unfortunately for Floridians, German roaches thrive in warm and humid climates, which is basically the Orlando area year-round. For every roach you see, it is safe to assume there are dozens more hiding in your home.

Investing in a good pest control service in Orlando that controls German Roaches is essential for your home and peace of mind. Don’t let this pest pester you, be proactive and let the experts at Drake Lawn & Pest Control handle it. Contact us today to find out how we can help.