You probably don’t think much about pests when it’s cooler outside. After all, there are no flies everywhere, and there seem to be barely any mosquitoes either. Do you really need Orlando pest control, then? The answer is: absolutely. This is because bugs seek warmth, and there’s nothing more warm and welcoming than your home!

Is Pest Control Really Necessary When It’s Cooler Outside?

Bugs or rodents get cold too, which is why you don’t see them outside as much as you would during the summer. That doesn’t mean that they aren’t around—they’re just hiding in places that you can’t see.

This is why pest control is still necessary, because even though you won’t see these pests during the winter, once the warmer weather returns, you may end up seeing them all over your home.

Dormant Winter

Pests will generally slow down during the winter, and without proper food resources, they will hibernate. In general, they will remain dormant in your attics or walls during the winter.

This is great during the winter when you don’t see them, but when the weather gets a little warmer, you may end up finding bugs everywhere. In this case, you would require some extensive treatment to clean up your property.

This is a good reason not to be lax on your pest control treatment. In fact, this is the perfect time for a professional to come in to clear out your attic or walls and to check all those crevices where you wouldn’t usually see.

Winter Treatment

Homeowners don’t usually know that the winter is perfect for pest control because it ensures that pesticides are more effective. This is because pesticides are broken down by light, heat, and moisture, which are much more abundant during the summer. In the winter, though, these pesticides will be able to work at full effectiveness, making them a perfect preventative measure for future pest problems.

Pest Prevention Plan

Using pest control during the winter is part of a concentrated pest control plan to prevent severe infestations when the weather gets warmer. Rather than attacking all of your pests when they’re out in full force, getting pest control during the winter ensures that they can be cleaned out effectively.

Common Winter Pests

There are a few common pests that you may encounter, or that may make your home into theirs. This includes rodents that seek warmth in the crevices of your home. Rodents love small cavities or any other dry places. Unfortunately, you often will not be able to see their nests either, although you might see the actual rodents on your floors at night. 

You may even see the damage they cause since rodents will continually chew on pieces of your home to keep their teeth in good shape.

Bugs like termites or cockroaches are common in the winter too. In fact, termites do not actually hibernate in the winter. They are completely active during the colder months, meaning that they can still do a ton of damage to your home and need to be taken care of as soon as possible.

The same is true of cockroaches, which breed during the winter. If you want to catch any cockroach infestation before it really starts, the cold season is the perfect time to do so.


You can’t neglect your pest control during the winter. Pests can actually be quite active during the winter still, and even if they’re not, the best thing you can do to prevent infestations is to clear out bugs when they’re dormant. This will make the entire process that much easier and save you a lot of trouble during the summer months. Give us a call today so we can inspect your home for pests and nip any infestations in the bud before they intensify.