A well-cared for lawn is a sign that you take care of your home, not to mention that thick, green grass is great for pets and kids during the summer. It’s not exactly easy to get your grass looking lush and perfect every season though, especially when it comes to choosing your soil, fertilizer, and lawn care for the best pest control.

That’s what we’re here for. With years of experience in lawn care services in Orlando, we know how to handle pests, weeds, and any other problems that you might be dealing with.

The Individual Approach

Your lawn is your lawn—with different needs when it comes to treatments or weeding, as compared to other people’s yards. That’s why it’s important to have a yard treatment that is tailored to your specific situation if you want it to be restored properly—and that will fit with your specific tastes and preferences too.

And that’s what we’ll do: restore your lawn. But beyond that, we’ll come back to your home to inspect your lawn and be sure that it’s still in great shape. If there are any issues, we’ll re-treat your lawn to get it fixed.

We will also work with you, and give recommendations, on the other 2 aspects of having a great looking lawn. Having proper irrigation and weekly lawn maintenance. These 2 elements are crucial to achieving optimal results.

Take us up on our risk-free 2 week guarantee for a thicker, greener lawn today.

What We Do:

Weed Control

Weeds can be tough to handle, because if you overdo it, you might end up with random barren spots in your yard. As experts, we don’t have this issue since we know how to handle each type of weed without ruining the grass around it.


To keep your grass looking great, you need to get it fertilized properly—and not overdo it. Rely on us to apply the right amount of fertilizer so that you don’t end up with pH levels too high or low.

Controlling Diseases

It’s entirely possible that you might end up dealing with a lawn disease, or with fungus or other problems caused by rain or drought. We handle lawn treatment though for just about everything you can think of.

Pest Control

Beyond lawn diseases, we will work on pest control too. Our technicians know how to handle the most common pests, like chinch bugs and fleas, but what type of treatment we give you will depend on your lawn and what we find when we inspect it.


If you have sprinklers, or if you want sprinklers, this is something that we can help with as well. We know how to work with your yard to input customized sprinkler systems meant to suit your needs, and can even repair your sprinklers if they’re not working.

Follow-Up Lawn Care

We will get your lawn in tip-top shape with our treatments, balancing your fertilizer with water so that your lawn is never overwhelmed. After we treat your lawn though, it’s not exactly easy for you to find the time to keep it looking great.

That’s why we’ll come out to help continue to cultivate your lawn, and to give you some follow-up care so that your lawn stays looking as good as it did when we left.

Why Choose Us

We have been in the lawn care business for years, so when we say that we know what we’re doing, you can rest assured that we mean it. We’ve worked hard to make sure that our clients feel cared for and that your yard will be in top shape when the summer comes and you’re trying to get your house looking great.

Relax with us taking care of your needs, and take heart in the knowledge that we will come out to continue to care for your lawn in the long-term. Know that your lawn will be treated with eco-friendly materials too, so you’ll know that your kids and pets are safe outside too.

Just contact us if you’re looking to get your lawn in top shape for the coming summer months of outdoor barbeques, sparklers, and fun with the family.