Everyone loves a healthy and lush lawn, but not everyone is necessarily committed to the hard work required to keep it up. That is a common problem, but with some expert help from professionals like us, you can save yourself time and money and enjoy your green and healthy lawn all year round.

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What We Do At Drake

Here at Drake, we specialize in keeping your lawn green and healthy all year long, and that is made possible with our expert knowledge, advanced equipment, and well-trained employees. When you opt for our lawn care package, you can expect a variety of services that will not require any effort from you except to just enjoy your healthy, green lawn.

Testing for Pests

Instead of waiting for a pest problem to become significant, we recommend taking a proactive approach. Testing your yard for pests is crucial as it helps to disrupt their breeding cycles. Don’t wait until you see pests before you call us. That way, you’ll be allowing them time to breed and lay eggs. It’s also vital to note that different seasons and conditions call for different pest treatments. Leave it to us to know exactly what treatment is required for the season.

Treating Pests in Your Yard

Unfortunately, there are pests that like to feed on your grass, destroying all your hard work. It’s vital to know which pests you’re dealing with before you can decide on the right treatment, though. 

Here in Florida, common lawn pests include white grubs, mole crickets, lawn caterpillars, and more. There are different ways to deal with each of them, and you can’t simply purchase any insecticide, hoping it’ll work. As lawn experts, we ensure that we completely clear your lawn of these pests in a way that’s more thorough than any DIY homeowner can do. Rely on us to implement a potent, meticulous, and effective treatment that will give your lawn the best chance of thriving.

Weed Control/Lawn Fertilization

The last thing you’d want to see in any lawn is an uncontrolled growth of weeds. There’s no point in beautiful landscaping if you can see weeds growing everywhere. By letting us take care of your lawn, you can be sure that weed control will be a priority, so that your lawn will be in the best shape to thrive. 

The process includes the removal of existing weeds and preparation work in identifying future growth. Utilizing prevention techniques, we can help stop weeds from growing entirely. 

At the same time, your lawn will be conditioned to provide the best growing environment for other plants through the use of specialized fertilizers. 


It takes tremendous effort and time to get your lawn green and healthy, yet the work doesn’t just stop there. There’s much to consistently keep up with if you want to maintain your lawn and keep it green and lush all year round. With Drake, you can sit back and let the professionals handle it all. Rest assured that your lawn will be taken care of with the utmost care and attention to detail like it deserves.